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Free Rads new EP to be released February 2016.


 'SOMEWHERE' will be found Everywhere.



Recent headlines suggest that FREE RADS have taken their music and turned left at Albuquerque. Combining traditional piano lines and guitar rifts with loops and dance beats. The offensive title 'EVERYBODY WANTS 2' created a stir amongst english teachers for the improper use of the number 2, in place of the word 'To'. Apparently, 'COMPREHEND' was written after a conversation, and then, without permission, an alternate version was produced. Its even been reported Free Rads have Remixed their own music without releasing an Original, which you can hear proof of on tracks like 'BEAUTIFUL HELL'. Free Radical Scavengers Rock2Remix style is worrisome for the future of music, but a beacon for Independent Artistry. 



In earlier news, Free Radical Scavengers released a EP on Soundcloud in March shortly before SXSW. Original sources say,"They did it to be cool". Other sources close to the Band tell us, "they just want to tell their story, create fan driven music and improve their Songwriting, Production, Engineering, Mixing and Mastering". 





In earlier, earlier news, upon the formation of Free Rads, and without warning, it was requested they produce a single for the hilarious new web series                        A-HOLES ANONYMOUS.

As a result, Free Radical Scavengers Makin' It can be heard in the final scene and credits of Episode 3






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